Benefits of fluoride for dental and oral health.

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Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel. Slow down the breakdown of minerals in the teeth and the outer enamel surface. Helps repair tooth decay in the early stages and reduces the production of acid by bacteria in the tooth enamel. Fluoride is therefore the main factor that acts like a shield to protect the teeth. Helps reduce damage that may occur to teeth. Helps reduce the risk of tooth decay and prevent other oral problems that may follow. Such as bad breath and tooth loss and lack of self-confidence healthy.

Also helps strengthen and protect emerging permanent teeth in children. Children can use fluoride toothpaste from the time their first baby tooth emerges. The appropriate concentration for children depends on their age. But for safety Parents who are unsure about using toothpaste in infants and young children. You should consult your dentist first UFABET  

Numerous studies on the benefits in preventing tooth decay indicate. Can actually reduce the risk of tooth decay. Information from the Thai Dental Association recommends that fluoride toothpaste for adults. The fluoride concentration should be around 1,000 ppm, with higher levels slightly reducing the incidence of tooth decay. But the fluoride concentration in toothpaste should not exceed 1,500 ppm because side effects may occur.