Arrested 15 Montpellier fans in Toulouse duel.

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French police have arrested 15 Montpellier fans who instigated the Ligue 1 match against Toulouse on football Sunday.

Ligue 1 battle between Toulouse open house duel with Montpellier On Sunday. It was interrupted for about 15 minutes in the second half. This was caused by the turmoil of Montpellier fans. Resulting in the police having to suppress the incident with tear gas.

After the game, which Toulouse won 4-2 with a score of 4-2, reports from the French media indicate that the police arrested a football fan. Montpellier up to 15 from the events of the last game UFABET

French media said officials arrested 15 away fans, two of them underage and separated. But 13 others were immediately taken into custody.

At first, it was likely that the game was cancel midway due to the rather violent incident. But the staff can handle it quickly. Before the players and the team of referees agreed to allow the game to continue until the end.

The incident took place in the 57th minute of the game as hosts Toulouse lead 4-1 by visiting fans. throw tear gas The goal is in the stands of the local fans. But the damn tear gas flew to the wrong target. and fall into the field.

such events As a result, the players of both teams. Including the referee, have a burning sensation. and must use a shirt to cover the nose. As a result, the game had to stop and all players had to return to the changing room. Before returning to the competition until the end after about 15 minutes. And the result ended in a 4-2 victory for Toulouse in the end.