Arsenal launches new home shirt.

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Arsenal Football Club has announced the launch of the home shirt for the 2023-24 season under the concept of fun. Pride in moving forward together with all sectors, featuring Bukayo Saka, Martin. Odegaard and Emil Smith Rowe join forces as models.

The jersey is intended to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 2003-04 Invincible League championship series. In which the Gunners were the first club and the only club to this day.

The kit also has a special gimmick that records all 38 team records on the side of the shirt. with lightning and gold pattern UFABET

“We all came to this point together. The support received in both home and away games throughout this season from supporters around the world from colleagues. And friends from many circles of the Arsenal family, it’s great.” Saka, who came to shoot the opening video at the Emirates Stadium with more than 300 football fans said. 

“Let’s celebrate this hour together. It makes us dance when we wear this jersey next season.” 

“It’s so powerful when we know our team-mates, fans and friends will drive each other.”

“We will become stronger as we move forward together.” 

‘ Cannon ‘, the men’s team, is ready to anoint a new shirt to end the home game this week. Wolverhampton  ( May 28 ) As for the price sold in Thailand. The player grade is 4,600 baht and the football fan grade is 2,900 baht .