Graeme Potter was news that Ajax.

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Ex-Chelsea head coach Graeme Potter hinted he received a Section 39 premium from social security shortly after. When it was news that Ajax Amsterdam of the Eredivisie Holland pulled a new head coach.

According to ESPN Netherlands, Ajax are currently retaining Jon Heitinga until the end of the season. The overall picture of the past is clear that the hand is out of hand. Causing the need to recruit a new manager. 

The name of Julian Nagelsmann, who was sacked by Bayern Munich is a wishful thinking. But the fragrant coach was ridiculed by Spurs and Chelsea. Until it was difficult to pay the wages to fight.

So the fact-based manager is Potter, who is out of a job after the Blues sacked him.  UFABET

The work history of Graeme Potter the 47-year-old Englishman is good at building long-term teams. young energetic as the core. And there is no problem if the main body has to be sold out every summer market. 

Potter made his name at Swansea, then went on to Brighton and the ‘Blues’. While his overseas experience was Ostersund of Sweden.

 However, the main reason why Alfred Schreider had to leave Ajax Amsterdam was because the players no longer believed in him from the way or the performance that appeared. Including leading the team to score too many slips. And lack of upgrading Or developing the team Causing him to deposit his team’s performance in 26 games, winning only 12 games. The remaining games draw and lose 7 games each.